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Mining is like a search-and-destroy mission.
Coal Mine in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Bajaj Group has acquired Thermal Coal mine in Indonesian in Year 2010 to meet its future coal requirements for operational and upcoming Power Plants in India.

  • The Coal Concession named PT Jankar Prima is located in South Barito, Buntok District of Central Kalimantan Province in Indonesia.
  • This coal mine is located about 300 km away from town of Banjarmasin in Central Kalimantan and is accessible by Provincial Road.
  • The Coal concession is spread across 4148 hectares of the total area located strategically close to coal evacuation infrastructure.
  • The total coal resource in the coal mine is estimated around 70 Million tons with moderate coal quality of 5300 to 5800 Kcal/Kg on ADB basis.
  • There is an ex-log road of 44 kms which connects the mine with Barito River. This road would be upgraded and reconstructed for handling 3-4 million ton/year coal capacity to transport coal from mine to Jetty Point.
  • The Group has also acquired another company which has land at suitable location near Barito River on the water front for storage, crushing, stockpile and loading of coal through Jetty in large barges.
  • Jetty would be developed at this location through which coal would be barged to the open sea to the mother vessel which would further ship coal to power plants in India.
  • The coal mine is in advance stages of developments and various permits and approvals are in process for starting the actual mining operations.