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Solution on water logging condition and available water for school children: Common Water Recharge Structure

Success Story Bajaj Foundation, Sikar

Dantaramgarh is the first block which was declared as a dark zone in the district. People of this block depends on the nearby block for drinking water because Rewasa water lake is totally saline. Bajaj Foundation has been actively working in the area to solve the crisis of drinking water since 2011.

Dudhwa is one of the villages in Dantaramgarh block with a total population of 1894 and 308 number of families depend on agriculture as the main livelihood. They are able to cultivate crops only during Kharif season whereas, in the remaining seasons, the land was barren. Most of the small, marginal and medium farmers of that village area was going to another block as agriculture labour.

Group of farmers shared their problem with the Bajaj Foundation that rainwater directly flows in their fields from the slope of Reta hills and stagnant in total 13.8 hectares of farmland which belongs to four farmers, namely Mr. Laxman, Mr. Suresh, Mr. Hanuman Ram and Mr. Mohanram. They lost their total crops due to the waterlogging problem.

In 2017-18, Bajaj Foundation creates awareness in the area and formed the Village Development Committee (VDC) which took initiative to construct community water recharge structure in the village.

After construction of the community water harvesting structure, the villagers observed several benefits such as farm fields got free from water logging condition, groundwater table increases, availability of water for irrigation water for rabi season crops and farmers’ income increased by saving crop in Kharif season as well as cultivating second crops in rabi season.

The major impact of this intervention is that the nearby school’s tube well got recharged. Previously, the school used to get water from another tube well which is 1 Km away from school or depended on water tanker during the summer season. Over and above school’s drinking water requirement, the same bore well also supplies water to 100 families of the village. Completing one common water harvesting structure, the villagers overcame water crisis permanently.

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